Triticum aestivum

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This release is based on the genome version v2.2 (Phytozome internal code 296)
Canadian hard winter wheat, Tricum aestivum, Triticum aestivam, Triticum aestivum, Triticum aestivum L., Triticum aestivum subsp. aestivum, Triticum aestivum8, Triticum vulgare, Triticum vulgare L., Triticum vulgare Vill., nom. illeg., bread wheat, common wheat, wheat


List of genes transcribing a lncRNA. Click to "More genes" to see the whole list or click to "More transcripts" to see the whole list of lncRNAs in Triticum aestivum.

Gene alias Chrom. Start End Num. of lncRNAs
Taestivum Traes 1AL 00A8A2030 ta_iwgsc_1al_v2_3930938 8123 13469 1
Taestivum Traes 1AL 00E8CE811 ta_iwgsc_1al_v2_3910835 1915 6266 1
Taestivum Traes 1AL 01E24503F ta_iwgsc_1al_v2_3940339 2 787 1
Taestivum Traes 1AL 0226AAD07 ta_iwgsc_1al_v2_3963161 11750 16046 1
Taestivum Traes 1AL 0246A1DAC ta_iwgsc_1al_v2_3936444 1 632 1