Brachypodium distachyon

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Brachypodium distachyon.jpg
This release is based on the genome version v3.1 (Phytozome internal code 314)

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List of genes transcribing a lncRNA. Click to "More genes" to see the whole list or click to "More transcripts" to see the whole list of lncRNAs in Brachypodium distachyon.

Gene alias Chrom. Start End Num. of lncRNAs
Bdistachyon Bradi1g00217 Bd1 52489 52869 1
Bdistachyon Bradi1g00287 Bd1 165644 166477 1
Bdistachyon Bradi1g00291 Bd1 167458 168254 1
Bdistachyon Bradi1g00341 Bd1 259989 262279 1
Bdistachyon Bradi1g00345 Bd1 277221 285371 1